About PlayAfterLife

PlayAfterLife is an MMORPG released on April 10th, 2015 and managed by Charles Adkins. The game is based in a 2d World named Agarthia, you get to move from town to town fighting monsters on the way. You earn Experience points to level skills and gold to buy spells, well monsters drop equipment and potions to keep you in the fight, The farther you explore in the world the tougher the enemies and the better the loot. You create your Character and get the options of Male and Female as well as if you want to be in Normal or Titan mode. Titans gain 50% more experience per monster and have access to certain areas of the game that are not available in Normal Mode, however, your levels, spells and carried gold will be lost if you die. Hourly and Daily bosses are spawned and drop special loot, if you are not ready you will regret it. PlayAfterLife is being updated regularly in the direction of player suggestions and has shown great improvement with the amazing community it has.


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  • Standard Profile Page
  • Hourly World Boss
  • Titania Inner Town View

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